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Caring for your world over the summer

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At Earthwise, we don’t set out to change the world but we do believe that every little bit helps. It’s as simple as that… One drop, one lake. One
leaf, one tree. Together, we can make the small changes that make a big difference. In the festive season, it’s good to remember that we make a choice every time we go shopping: Will I actively care for the world I’m living in? So how can you care for your world as a consumer over the summer months? We’ve put together a few of our favourite suggestions.

Pick eco-friendly products

It’s pretty simple – when the choice comes down to a product that uses harsh chemicals and other ingredients that hurt the environment or a product that’s kind to the world we live in, pick the second!

Walk, ride, bus

Everyone hates negotiating the carpark at malls during the busy season – so why not ditch the car altogether? Try walking or riding to your local shopping centre – or, if it’s a little too far, hop on a bus. You won’t just get some exercise, you’ll also be saving the planet from further fuel consumption and emissions.

It’s all in the bag

Whether you’re food shopping, homeware hunting or clothes seeking, take some strong reusable bags with you. You’ll prevent even more plastic being used, and find that you can condense everything into a few totes instead of being overloaded with countless bags!

Buy New Zealand made

Earthwise are proud to be Kiwi owned and operated – and we think everyone should be proud of that. Being a caring consumer is all about making smart decisions, and this just seems like a no-brainer – when you buy local, it takes less transport to get it to you, thus saving some serious miles and all that is associated with them. Plus, you get to support a Kiwi business and the New Zealand economy.


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