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Combat Contact Allergies

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Allergies are a daily reality for one in three Kiwis.  While environmental allergens are difficult to side step, some of our customers have found contact allergies more easily combatted.  Here are a couple of stories from people who have found that Earthwise products help them keep on top of their battle with blisters and rashes.

20 year old office administrator Monica has suffered with contact dermatitis since she was about 15 years old. “My doctor told me that my skin allergy increased in severity over the years as I came into more contact with cleaning products like laundry powder, stain remover and washing up liquid,” said Monica.

Even though she used to repeatedly rinse her hands with running water, her skin would regularly flare up into itchy, sore patches of multiple small blisters that would get larger and then burst.

“I used steroid cream that the doctor gave me, which would help but didn’t completely control the condition.”  Nine months ago when a flatmate suggested that they try the Earthwise products, Monica was happy to give them a go.

“My skin was already sore when we switched over, so it took a few days to settle down.  Within a week my hands were completely clear.  Since then I have only had an occasional problem when I handle non-Earthwise soaps and detergents. I was so rapt with the changes that I emailed Earthwise!”

Dear Earthwise: I would just like to let you know how much I enjoy your products and their natural ingredients. I have a skin condition that causes me to blister and peel when I use cleaning products but yours are just wonderful!

Nichola’s story:

Nichola and her two young sons, aged three and seven, suffer from multiple food and environmental sensitivities. Passing contact with dishwash bubbles can be enough to bring up a very itchy rash all over Nichola’s hands.

“Generally I try to use gloves whenever I’m washing-up to reduce contact – and I always try to buy natural products.  When I first tried Earthwise products I noticed that their range don’t make my hands itch.  I have no allergic reaction at all.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell immediately what is to blame for an outbreak because you’re in contact with so many chemicals that come and go.  When a reaction is triggered, no matter how hard it is for an adult to stop itching, it’s even worse for children.  They get into an ‘itch-scratch’ cycle and their poor skin ends up in patches of sore, red, infected eczema.  I’ve been using Earthwise for months and now I won’t buy anything else.”

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