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Earthwise performs well in Consumer NZ’s Multi-Purpose Spray Test

Consumer NZ has tested New Zealand’s multi-purpose sprays to see if they actually work, and Earthwise’s Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray Citrus & Mint 500ml has been given a big tick of approval!

Rated as one of the highly recommended  multi-surface options available in supermarkets, Earthwise is a product that is truly effective while using natural, biodegradable ingredients.

The study revealed a whopping 17 out of the 31 other products tested were found to be only marginally better than water, making  Consumer NZ’s ‘don’t buy’ list.

Rating 84% however, and earning a place in Consumer NZ’s top 10 recommended cleaning products, Kiwis can confidently choose Earthwise Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray Citrus & Mint 500ml, knowing that it really works.

Without costing the earth, in terms of both the planet and your pocket, the affordable $5 Earthwise Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray Citrus & Mint 500ml uses plant powered ingredients that cut through grease, making it ideal for stainless steel, stoves, bench tops and other non-porous surfaces, proving that there’s no need for unnecessary chemicals to get the job done in our homes.

The locally made product is manufactured at Earthwise’s Environmental Choice NZ certified factory in Auckland and is also packaged in a fully recyclable bottle made from 75% recycled plastic sourced from milk, water and juice bottles.  What’s not to love?!  Kiwis can find the full Earthwise household cleaning and personal care range at their local supermarket.


Prepared on behalf of Earthwise by the pr shop. For more information or imagery, please contact Sally Frewin on 021333221 or

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