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Eco-friendly products for first-time Mum

Nathalie is a 31-year old first-time mum from Brazil who has spent the last five years living in New Zealand. Introduced to Earthwise products by her sister on her mother’s advice, Nathalie has since become a big Earthwise fan in her own right.

“I became a fan almost two years ago – just before my baby was born. My mother came over from Brazil to help me and she said that I had to be careful to avoid any chemicals around the baby. She told me that I had to think about it. I contacted my middle sister, who is really into sustainable living, and she recommended Earthwise products.

The first product I bought was the Earthwise Fragrance-Free Washing Powder, as a chemical free way of washing my baby Kali’s clothes. Kail was born with lots of hair, so the next product we tried was the Earthwise Baby Shampoo in the cute yellow hippo. Now we have all three coloured hippos — Kali loves playing with them in the shower. We also use the Earthwise Baby Goat’s Milk Soap which all have a beautiful light scent.

When Kali turned one, I changed to the Earthwise Orange & Eucalyptus Laundry Powder – it smells so good – and the Papaya and Aloe Vera Fabric Softener, which is my absolute favourite product. I use it for everyone’s clothes.

I love washing clothes, it makes me happy! I feel like I’ve achieved so much when I see a neatly folded pile of fresh washing, and even better when the products I use aren’t full of chemicals. Thanks Earthwise!.”


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