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Good change takes time

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Earthwise has been going since the late 1960s creating products that are kinder to the environment and your body. As recently as five years ago, environmentally-friendly products were still viewed as premium products – so Earthwise set about changing all that. In a recent radio interview, Rory Garvey talked about the company’s drive to make it easier for Kiwis to bring about good change.

The Earthwise perspective focuses on both the global environment and the personal environment – our homes and bodies. Nourish, the company’s new body care range is all about providing affordable products that do not contain chemicals like parabens, sodium laurel sulphate and synthetic dyes. They also avoid substances that act as endocrine disrupters.

“Endocrine disrupters mimic hormones and can interfere with sleep, behaviour, development and male fertility by impacting on the activity of natural hormones in the body. It’s really important to look at what you use and where you use it,” said Rory.

So what are Rory’s tips to making good change and how exactly should we go about it?

Notice what’s in the products you’re using – and take a moment to look beyond the marketing spiel.

Avoid nasties – chemical like parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, cocamide DEA, synthetic dyes.

Change takes time – don’t throw away unfinished products wholesale, just replace them with better options as they run out

Take one step at a time. When you change products, give the new things time. Initially change can upset any deposits in your dishwasher
or washing machine (even your hair!) and this can impact on results. Keep at it and gives things time to settle down

Use the best products you can – start by replacing the products that are applied directly to your skin and work outwards. Maybe we can’t do everything straight away, but every little counts.

“At Earthwise, we are continually learning and researching. We listen to our chemists and our customers. We avoid nasties and anything that accumulates in the environment, which is why our products carry the Envirochoice logo. Our motivation is to help Kiwis minimise the impact we have on the world.”

Listen to the full interview

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