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Melissa’s story: from chronic allergy to clear skin

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Every now and again we hear a story from an Earthwise customer that touches the team deeply and reminds us why we’re doing what we do. We’d like to share Melissa’s story with you. Melissa is the mother of an three-year-old little girl who suffers from chronic eczema and allergies. 

Since her daughter’s birth, Melissa has spent hundreds of dollars trying to find baby and home cleaning products that are gentle enough to introduce into her home – unfortunately without much success.

Melissa tells us: “I have lost track of how many times we have been admitted into hospital due to staph infections and allergic reactions because we’ve
tried out different body washes and cleaning products on the market.  Sadly, no matter how much they have cost us or how much they swear they are natural and will not cause reactions, they have never been right for us.”

Trying out Earthwise Baby range

Melissa’s distress and frustration at seeing her little girl’s skin flare up time after time understandably led her to be extremely skeptical, so when she heard about the new Earthwise baby products range she didn’t expect too much.

“I hadn’t tried the Earthwise products, so when they came up on I decided to try them all. My daughter’s skin was extremely flared up at the time, so it was a great opportunity to put the body wash to the test (normally we would have to treat her skin with a bleach bath to prevent infection at this stage).”

For the first use, Melissa pumped six squirts of the Earthwise Baby wash directly into bath (they have a huge bath!) to avoid rubbing the product directly into her little girl’s sore skin. “She jumped in the bath without any complaints of it hurting her or stinging her skin, which was a good start. Taking her out of the bath, her skin felt extremely soft and the redness had dramatically improved – obviously at this point I was thinking it was pure coincidence.

“The next morning (probably 13 hours later) her skin was clear – no redness, no dryness, no cuts or rashes – just beautiful soft, white skin. I as truly amazed.”

Real results

The next day at bath time, Melissa applied the body wash directly on to her daughter’s skin with the flannel – still no bad reactions. By now Melissa was starting to believe that the Earthwise Baby body wash could actually be behind the dramatic difference she was seeing in her little girl’s skin but she still wanted to run a bit of a test.

“We went away on holiday to the beach over the weekend – this normally aggravates her skin – and I left the Earthwise products behind. By the end of the first day her skin had flared up again. When we got home two days later, I gave her a bath with the Earthwise Baby body wash in it and by the time she got up in the morning, her skin was clear again. This showed me beyond doubt what an amazing product this really is.

“I’m only going to be buying Earthwise Baby body wash from now on (goodbye to having to give my poor child bleach baths to clear her skin). I love the fact that the bottles are in a convenient pump dispenser so that Miss Independent can do it herself – and that it is environmentally friendly and free of so many nasty chemicals. As I run out of cleaning and other household products, I will be changing these over to Earthwise as well. Your products are a true gift to me and my little girl – they provide so much relief and comfort. Thank you.”

You can imagine our response back at Earthwise HQ – we were delighted to hear that we’d helped Melissa’s little girl. I wonder how many other stories there are out there of our products really making a difference?

If anyone in your family suffers from allergy problems, why not give our products a try. We hope to hear from you soon. Have a look at our range of range of plant and mineral-based baby products.  They really are gentle on baby’s skin, the environment, and your pocket.

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