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New Zealand’s biggest Earthwise fan: Aurora’s story

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The last word in our series of Earthwise customer stories belongs to the lovely lady who has officially been awarded the title of ‘Earthwise biggest fan’.  Aurora is a second generation Earthwise fan who grew up in a family that believed strongly in using natural products.

Her father, an anaesthetist, was concerned about the overload of chemicals, the rise of superbugs and the lowering of people’s resistance to antibiotics over 30 years ago.  Needless to say, Earthwise products were a feature of Aurora’s life growing up in Christchurch.

“I am a second generation fan of your amazing Earthwise products,” said Aurora.  “I grew up in a very natural household with parents who were absolutely adamant that we would not suffer an overload of chemicals.  As an adult I sort of forgot about my parent’s wisdom (as you do) in this area and started using ordinary chemical cleaners.

Allergy-friendly products

“When our young family started to suffer from headaches, asthma, unexplained rashes, and eczema, I did some research and we made the switch back to Earthwise products five years ago. We’ve never looked back. During my research I discovered that there are around two to five times more common chemical pollutants found inside homes than there are outside. This is significant when you consider that people spend around 90 percent of their time inside. Indoor pollutants can cause headaches, flu-like symptoms, and neurological issues and possibly increase the risk of respiratory disease – which they did for my growing family.

“Your products are amazing.  We no longer get headaches.  The eczema, which was all over my arms and around my eyes, has disappeared and the same goes for my husband’s eczema.  My husband also had bad asthma but has barely used his ventilator since we changed over to Earthwise products. We have few trips to the doctors and see a direct correlation between the switch to your natural cleaners and the improvements in our family’s health.  I was quite the skeptic until I saw the evidence for myself.

No gloves required

“Another perk of exclusively using natural products is that I can put my daughters (aged 12 and 13) to work on their household jobs and not worry about chemical exposure and getting them to use gloves while they are cleaning.  They have done household chores since they were pretty young. Pulling their weight around the house keeps my girls active and part of the family.  I am your biggest fan and I would love to win a year’s supply of your products. I sing your praises far and wide”.

Congratulations to Aurora from the Earthwise team!  She and her family have won over $1,000 of Earthwise products – we hope you’ve got plenty of storage space.

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