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Skin conditions & allergies? We can help!

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Itchy and red or scaly, bumpy or swollen, there are several types of allergic skin conditions that can make life less fun for those with sensitive skin.

Contact Dermatitis, characterised by a painful, itchy rash, occurs when certain substances come into contact with your skin. Even with treatment this condition can take two to four weeks to clear up, so it’s definitely best avoided, where possible. This means steering clear of the frequent ’cause culprits’, including nickel, perfumes, dyes and latex products.

Eczema is another common problem and again, preventing flare ups is the main goal of treatment. This means avoiding contact with irritants like soap.

At Earthwise, we’ve developed our special fragrance-free range to help you keep sensitive skin as perfect as nature intended while ensuring one less source of potential irritants. This range has undergone rigorous dermatological testing and has been found to be friendly to allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. Finally, there is an easy, trusted solution!

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