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The Starfish story – caring for our world

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There is a little story about a starfish, originally written by Loren Eisley.  It captures the values that were first pioneered by our founder Tom Robinson in the 1960’s.  We love this story because at Earthwise we don’t set out to change the world but we do believe that every little bit helps.

It’s as simple as that… One drop, one lake. One leaf, one tree. Our environment deserves our care because we only have one earth.  Together, we can make the small changes that make a big difference…

A child was walking along the beach after a storm and found it covered in starfish.  Upset at the sight, the child started putting them gently back into the water one by one.
A woman came up and said  “What are you doing? There are thousands of starfish — way too many for you to make a difference.”
The child looked at the woman, picked up a starfish, put it back into the ocean and said,  “It made a difference to that one”.

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