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What’s in a label?

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It’s hard to know what to believe sometimes.  In a marketing-driven world the truth can sometimes be difficult to see amongst the misleading use of terms like ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’.  Luckily in New Zealand we have Environmental Choice. This is a government owned and endorsed environmental labeling program that is independently audited. It grants use of the Environmental Choice logo only to those products and services that meet the rigorous standard.

The majority of the range of Earthwise laundry liquids and powders has met the high standard required and carry the Environmental Choice logo together with around 2,000 other products which proudly wear this government-backed symbol to prove that they are environmentally preferable.

Broadly, the requirements that relate to Earthwise products include a range of raw materials and hazardous substances that are not to be used in manufacturing or in the formulations themselves.  As well as what must be left out, the standards also look at what must be included, with a focus on renewable biodegradable surfactants, fragrances, and other ingredients free from environmentally harmful residues.  We go further than the standard requires and fully disclose all ingredients on the back of every pack. This allows the consumer to verify for themselves what we use and ensure they are able to make informed decisions. Our fully recyclable packaging, effective waste management policies, and energy and water reduction, also help us to earn the EC logo.

Check out the wide selection of audited and proven Environmental Choice products here

This is an easy way to do something effective to make your own personal contribution to living sustainably every time you shop.  Look for the
Environmental Choice logo and you can rest assured that you really are helping in ‘caring for your world’.

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